Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The River Don Engine

The River Don Engine has turned under steam! There's a lot of work left for the engineers to do before it's restored to its former glory, but this is great news.

(Photos show the engine room covered in mud and the River Don Engine before the flood. Click on the photos to see bigger versions.)


Pete said...

One of my seminal music experiences took place with the River Don Engine “playing” alongside Squarepusher at the Test One Festival held at Kelham in 1998.

Deiter Hogradish said...

I only had 7 days in England, and I spent one of them in Sheffield. The River Don Engine is one of the reasons why. I was the one that cheered and clapped after the demonstration, remember? It's an unforgettable experience for anyone remotely interested in engineering and industry, and I'm happy to hear it's still running.